Hear the morning sunrise breaking
Hear the early breezes sigh
Hear the deadly planes approaching
Hear the twinkling of an eye

Hear the towers crack and crumble
Hear the apocalyptic sound
Hear the people run in terror
Hear the terror coming down

Hear Flight 93 descending
Hear the fiery, final blow
Hear our men who fought that battle
Hear the honor we bestow

Hear the Pentagon’s fire blazing
Hear the sparrow’s narrow breath
Hear the footsteps in the rubble
Hear the solitude of death

Hear every church fill its altar
Hear “Our Fathers” quiet refrain
Hear the coffins gently lowered
Hear “Hail Mary’s “on the wind

Hear the searcher man the shovel
Hear the fairness of resolve
Hear a nation bowed in sorrow
Hear the conscious of our love

Hear the triumph of our courage
Hear our willingness to dare
Hear the clashing of our armor
Hear the wisdom of our prayer

Hear our shoulders press together
Hear the clasping of our hand
Hear our pledge become an anthem
Hear us stand! Oh, hear us stand!