One Wish

One Wish

I thought of you today,
your memory so snug in my heart,
it hurt to let it out.

I did…in spite of the pain

and the beautiful
life we had came flooding back.

For a moment,
I thought you were here,
I felt your hand on my face,
my cheek rested on your chest;

my nostrils flared, the woodsy fragrance
of Armani’s Aqua Di Gio wafted suddenly
in the air.
What Christmas was that?
One of the children gave you several perfumes
as you called it…
and this was your favorite.

This isn’t real, my heart suffered a dream.
I removed the pillow from my face,
cried and screamed into it, the sound absorbed,
because you are silent, I must be also.
Invisible to me once again,
you are gone, my angel,
leaving me with only one wish…
to be there with you.