To Vent or Not Vent

I’m just not known for fussing
Fuming, or throwing little fits
I try not to write in anger
‘Cause my brain goes on the fritz

If I voice an opinion
The conversatiion goes to pot
Most would rather confrontation
As for me, I’d rather not

Some seem to want to quibble
And over nothing, break the straw
But I cannot see the reason
For some big, loud foofaraw

I’m more laid back than edgy
Really don’t care for temper’s heat
I just don’t want to rant and rave
Need my emotions…upbeat

For two days I’ve been thinking
About something that I might write
Send this site into a tizzy
And win this contest outright

But it ain’t gonna happen
I just don’t have a tale to spin
Maybe once this game is over
I can rant, “I did not win!”