Morbid Sunflower

Morbid Sunflower is an exciting new website where you might read others poetry or post your own poetry. My name is Wanda Thibodeaux and I am the owner of this site. I am happy to welcome those of you who love poetry as I do. This site is for the serious at heart poetry writers. I don’t mean you can’t write original and different poems, funny pieces or otherwise. You may also post short stories or plays. I just want us all to have fun with our poetry and continue on learning as we read and post.

There will not be a lot of rules.

However—to avoid problems down the road—I do ask to refrain from the use of vulgarity and cursing to the extent that other site users might be offended. For the sake of poetry, the F-word and other words may be used in random poetic form, just not used to the excess. In other words, it should not be the poems entirety and should be a serious poem with those words being used for meaningful expression only. As we grow, there may be changes made to bring us up to our best possible achievements.

We hope to grow and provide fun, relaxation, and enjoyment to all of those who participate!

Comments or questions? I can be reached at: wthibo9869@gmail.com.